Top 20 Ways I Practice Self-Care

*The key word here is practice.

There are a thousand and one ways to treat yourself, and what works for me may not work for you. The most important part though is to find something that does. The point of self-care (in my humble opinion) is based around the idea that you are stuck with you. You don't get a break or time off - so it's best if you like the person you're with. Treat them, compliment them, take care of them physically and emotionally.

My Self-Care:

1. Take a $7 Lush bath bomb bath once in a while. It sure is expensive, but buying a Big Blue is a hell of a lot cheaper than a trip to Maui. (Trust me, I've done both.)

2. Waste a little time watching your guilty pleasure show. (Full confession, Pretty Little Liars is a really good one. Also, I hear Riverdale is up there).

3. Sit by the river and just watch some ducks. They’re pretty freakin funny if you give them a chance.

4. Go for a hike – not only are you getting exercise but getting in touch with nature is super calming.

5. Spend an hour looking at all the journals at Chapters. They put out new styles every season, and finding the exact right one will help inspire you to write in it ...or force you to keep it in pristine condition forever. *shrugs

6. Cuddle your pet. Mine’s a black cat named Bun, and fortunately cuddling is his specialty.

7. Go for 5 minute walk. Takes nothing out of you but leaves a serious Deserving Sense of Accomplishment.

8. Listen to your new fav song on repeat. I mean, wear headphones, but really get in there.

9. Wash your hair. I do this 2-3 times a week (bleached hair = dry and weak) but there is nothing like Fresh Hair Day to make me feel good.

10. Put on that sweet dress you love and never get to wear. Look at you! Check out how great you look! Yas girl! 

11. Make a collage. I know it sounds weird but cut up a bunch of old magazines for pictures that inspire you.

12. Pick up your phone and test your photography skills. Maybe you even have to go outside for a perfect subject. Win-win.

13. Open your curtains up so you wake up to the sun more often than to an alarm. Plus it might get your body clock on track.

14. Go to bed early. I mean, sleeping is my fav so this one is easy.

15. Drink tea instead of coffee. It’s sooooo good for you. But don't touch my morning coffee... that one stays.

16. Watch what you eat – you’ll feel better and when you want to treat yourself you’ll enjoy it more.

17. Tend to some houseplants. Caring for them and making sure they are tip-top always makes me feel grounded and happy.

18. Watch a bunch of makeup tutorials on YouTube. I mean, you’ll never do it, but girls who kick ass are inspiring.

19. Light incense sticks. Something about the smell of my fav kind (Wildberry’s Opium) just melts my stress away.

20. Surround yourself with just the best people. The best self-care is making sure your friends also help you live your best life.

How do you practice self-care?