10 Reasons that Black Cats are the Best

When I was 15, I finally manipulated - err - convinced, yeah, my dad to let me have a pet, specifically a black cat. (For a little background on this, I was preeeeetty emo - studded belt, bleached hair, lip ring, the whole 9.) I have to believe in timing because straight away a friend from school had a neighbour with kittens that were ready to go! A blessed day, the day I was finally united with Panther, aka. my Bun.

Now normally, I would only condone adopting from a reputable shelter (especially because FACT: black cats are the least adopted because of superstition?!) but my baby's momma didn't make it through the birth of her kitties, and these ones in particular needed lots of extra attention. 

To celebrate his lucky 13 years (and counting), I am here to convince you too, that adopting a little kitty of darkness is what you need in your life. 


1. Their black fur attracts extra heat, making them perfect heaters after they charge up.


2. They're tiny fluffy gargoyles there to protect you while you're sleeping. 


3. those super tiny cute black noses that look too good to be true.


4. Sometimes they sleep like dragons and look exactly like Toothless. 


5. They are clearly natural born models with their high-contrast eyes!

6. Black cats are usually Bombays, which means ultra-cuddly and affection AF.


7. They get tons of holidays: birthdays, halloween, and every friday the 13th.

8. Black never goes out of fashion and it goes with everything! 


9. They can tell when you need a little extra love... and actually provide it. 

10. Not only do they look like shadows, but they are shadows - they love to be with you!


This post was made to celebrate my perfect little furbaby for his lucky 13th birthday, and in honor of Friday the 13th. He's currently trying to jump up on to the 1" square amount of space I have left on my lap as I write this. Bless his heart.