#LOJAM + Mental Health

I have very exciting news!

My lovely husband and I (+ Hello Hopeful of course) have decided to team up and help produce a really cool event for game developers! LoJam is a free event for everyone in the game dev industry, and encourages them to team up - or work independently - to create a complete game in under 48 hours! Insane!

If you are interested in seeing what last year’s (aka the first ever) LoJam was like, check out this amazing video created by Ben McIlmoyle:

This is only the second ever LoJam, but the difference this year is that we are focusing on games that promote and inspire positive mental health and working with the London Health Sciences Foundation to raise money for a program called FEMAP. *Note: this is the theme, but a sub-theme will be announced the day of the event!

If you are familiar with my story, you’ll know that I was a patient at FEMAP (First Episode Mood and Anxiety Program) for a number of years and with their help I was able to overcome my symptoms! If you are aren’t familiar with my story, or what the amazing people at FEMAP do, please check out this interview I did with their video team:

My mission over the past year or so is to give back to the foundation that has helped me to change my life, and to end the stigma other people face about getting help. Although this year’s LoJam is a free-to-play event, we are encouraging everyone who participates to do a little fundraising to help support this amazing program!

Our goal is to raise $5000 through this fun, marathon-type event.

Not only that, but our goal is also to encourage game devs to create amazing games to add to the positive mental health space! There will also be insane prizes for different categories, and access to industry leading mentors, sound and art departments, and tons of learning opportunities! And not to mention, this year it will be held in the amazing space at Innovation Works in downtown London which I’ve used a few times and LOVE.

You can read more and register for the event (or donate to the event and support a participant) HERE!